Behind HuFu

The Team



Owner and CEO Cindy Penchina has been developing web marketing strategies for over twenty years for clients in a wide range of businesses. Her expertise has evolved with the Internet, and she dedicates herself to staying on top of advances in both web & marketing trends.

Cindy has Master’s degrees in Communication Sciences and Instructional Technology. In addition to her leadership of Hudson Fusion, she serves as an adjunct professor at Pace University where she teaches undergraduate, graduate and continuing education courses in web design principles and applications.

Creative Director


For over fifteen years, Veronica has been designing award-winning websites, corporate identities & branding, and integrated creative solutions.

As Hudson Fusion’s Creative Services Director, Veronica specializes in web design focused on interface architecture and user experience. She provides design expertise at every stage of the client-agency relationship, utilizing her understanding of each client’s business to create designs that effectively promote their brands.

Director, Marketing


Experienced in both project management and marketing, Nicole oversees the development of client marketing strategies in addition to serving as primary coordinator of all client relationships. She has experience working closely with both B2B and B2C clients, and prides herself on her ability to develop close, collaborative partnerships while fostering high quality creative work from her team.

Director, Client Strategy


Sandee joins Hudson Fusion with 20 years of in-house brand marketing and consulting experience. She specializes in developing corporate identities and communicating consistent messaging across all touch points. As a primary client contact at Hudson Fusion, Sandee is responsible for brand strategy and project management, coordinating creative design, content, planning and production to produce seamless campaigns. Sandee dives into each new industry for a complete understanding of the target audience and buying cycle and develops long-lasting relationships with her clients.

Technical Lead


Both highly educated and detail-oriented, Jillian works closely with the design and tech teams to bring our ideas to life across multiple platforms, including both coding and CMS implementation. Her broad background includes extensive on-the-ground experience in web development and maintenance. 

Operations Manager


Dedicated and organized, Raquel coordinates projects across multiple departments and multiple timelines, keeping aware of what deliverables are needed when. Raquel operates in both management and production capacities, working closely with both on-site and remote staff to make sure projects are seen through to completion.

Content Manager


Sonja is motivated to find the most impactful way to communicate your brand story. To develop content strategies and copy, Sonja turns to an attention to detail, loyalty to the client’s perspective and business needs, and belief in the power of simplicity and empathy to bring authenticity to everything she produces.

As a trained journalist, Sonja has writing, research, editing, and social media experience from the magazine world, as well as brand-side experience supporting marketing and sales teams. Having merged her passion for writing with her experience in marketing, she brings a willingness to evolve with the team and an excitement for exploring digital trends to Hudson Fusion.

Content Manager


Kelly brings a wealth of content management experience to Hudson Fusion, where she works to provide expert insight and innovative solutions to every content marketing strategy she employs. As a journalist, she has published written work in local, national and international publications, and has conducted on-air interviews with high-level executives of global corporations.

Kelly has extensive firsthand experience in the design, approach, and execution of content strategies designed to leverage branding, key messaging, and digital presence. She is responsible for amplifying client branding through a long—and growing—list of content marketing practices. As a member of the content team, she works hard to combine the latest marketing developments with creative content strategies to define, meet, and exceed client goals.

Graphic Designer


Daniel has nearly a decade of experience manifesting brand identities through creative print, digital, and logo designs. He takes a thoughtful approach to design and builds concepts that complement marketing strategies by keeping each company’s “Why” in mind.

Daniel views graphic design as visual messaging that can be used to elevate concepts into powerful experiences. Set apart by his ability to listen and interpret client and team needs, Daniel develops impressive design concepts that are distinctive to each brand.