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Closing the Loop

Sales Enablement

Having lots of leads is great – but if they don’t close into sales, it’s an empty metric.

Hudson Fusion helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts by aligning your marketing and sales efforts. Sales enablement can help your sales team close your sales-qualified leads – and turn them into repeat business.


The percentage of buyers who choose a provider who offers them informational content during the buying process

30 Hours

The time per month salespeople spend searching for and creating their own sales materials instead of selling


The percentage of sales teams using sales enablement who reach their quotas, compared with 50% of those who don't

With Hudson Fusion, your sales team can be sure they have exactly what they need to move your sales-qualified leads all the way to the point of purchase. We connect your sales team with the best content for every sales opportunity, and make sure it’s presented in a way that customers will readily consume.

Services we provide include:

  • Analysis of your sales funnel, buyer profiles and buyer personas
  • CRM set up and training
  • Redesign of sales process
  • Sales email templates setup
  • Sales collateral content creation to align with your buyer cycles
  • SLA and lead scoring development


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Don’t get caught unprepared again. Hudson Fusion fills your arsenal with the sales enablement tools to close the sale.