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Proof 33

Proof33.com is an online resource for craft distillers and brewers, supplying all the equipment and materials needed to run a thriving beverage production business. They came to us during the initial stages of business development, which allowed us to help them create effective messaging and marketing materials before, during, and after we built and launched their ecommerce website.

Hudson Fusion worked closely with Proof 33 to craft an overarching brand that would appeal to their craft distiller audience. Branded elements we developed included their logo, company name, website, tagline, visuals, and all other associated online assets including their blog and social media accounts.

We continued to support them with sales collateral and marketing assets as their brand grew and became a staple at national industry trade shows. We helped them acquire and keep leads and customers through a variety of channels including email nurturing efforts that kept them connected and top of mind with the craft beverage community. We also developed a weekly featured products newsletter for Proof 33 that engages contacts and boosts sales every time it is deployed.