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Getting Them Through the Door is Only the First Step

Lead Nurturing

It’s one thing to have a bunch of leads. It’s something else entirely to get them to the point of sale.

Hudson Fusion’s marketing team knows how to drive your leads all the way down the sales funnel, turning casual interest into a positive purchasing decision. That means more of your leads closing into sales – and more brand ambassadors to help drive future business.

It turns out that nurtured leads don’t just buy more frequently than non-nurtured leads, but they also on average make purchases 47% larger. Lead nurturing builds trust, brand loyalty, and deeper consideration, leading to more customers who are much more likely to become repeat business.

Lead nurturing strategies include:

  • Email automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Individualized outbound contacts
  • Targeted content
  • Opt-in opportunities
  • And more…


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