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iPace - Pace University Online

iPace, Pace University’s online undergraduate degree program, needed to enroll students for the fall term after severing ties with a call center responsible for lead nurture. With less than two months until the start of the fall semester, iPace had over 2,200 potential leads, with more coming in every day, and no communication plan in place. With only one Admissions Counselor, it was a daunting task.

Hudson Fusion was engaged to create a lead nurture strategy to communicate with current and new leads that would support the limited in-house staff responsible for moving students through the application process.

Hudson Fusion’s objective was to move leads to the point of application with a goal of 60 new applications.


How Hudson Fusion Made it Happen

  • Brought iPace to the HubSpot marketing and sales platform as a vehicle for automated communication, and to effectively track user engagement for an integrated sales cycle.
  • Optimized conversion paths through call-to-action messaging refinement and form integration to encourage a higher conversion rate
  • Provided automated email sequences and content to supplement communication activities otherwise difficult due to staff limitations including direct paths to virtual open house registration and advisor appointment scheduling
  • Developed individualized and automated marketing campaigns based on program of interest with content designed to overcome perceived barriers to application and keep them engaged until considered appropriate prospects for direct contact with in-house staff
  • Developed re-engagement campaigns to communicate with both past contacts and resumption students (student who started a degree either online or in person at Pace University but abandoned their studies) with goal to bring iPace top of mind and increase brand awareness
  • Data analysis of campaign performance through HubSpot allowed individualized programs based on actions taken and ensured resources were allocated to marketing activities that drove success