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Innovative Closet Designs

When Innovative Closet Designs came to Hudson Fusion, they had a good reputation but a lack of brand visibility. Through their work with Hudson Fusion, Innovative Closet Designs planned to use the boost in brand recognition to expand their customer base beyond builders and developers to include homeowners and designers.

With an outdated website and low-impact marketing collateral, Hudson Fusion knew that Innovative Closet Designs needed a digital marketing refresh. First, we conducted comprehensive market research and implemented findings to reengage current contacts and attract new leads.

Hudson Fusion developed a new website for ICD, implementing a design-first feel across their digital assets. We developed a fresh logo, engaging tagline, and redesigned their marketing collateral across the board including brochures, emails, and more. We achieved a cohesive look and feel across the board for ICD, reflecting the company's high-quality services and customer-first approach.

To improve ICD's search visibility and rankings, Hudson Fusion developed optimized website copy to target users with informative, right-fit content. We improved their organic rank position from #41 to #11—#8 locally—for the keyword "closet design companies" only a week after launch. We also established a successful Google Ads presence to boost website visits and drive conversions.

We established a monthly newsletter to nurture new leads and stay top-of-mind with existing contacts. The newsletter boasts an average open rate of 30%—significantly higher than the average marketing emails, which typically receive a 17.92% open rate.

Other marketing efforts included print ad placements in industry publications featuring branded design and eye-catching copy, effectively complementing our efforts to increase brand awareness and drive new business for long-term growth.