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Council on Accreditation

The Council on Accreditation (COA) may have been a leading authority in the accreditation space when they came to Hudson Fusion, but their online presence and corporate identity assets didn't reflect the quality of their organization. Luckily, we knew exactly how to elevate their digital and branded platforms to meet—and exceed—the highest standard.

We completely redesigned COA's website from the ground up, addressing everything from the sitemap and user pathways to their branded color palette and credentialing seals. We developed a brand new digital presence designed to reflect the authority, quality, and collaboration they bring to every human service organization partnership.

To leverage the impact of the new website, we designed a new logo, new graphics, and new branded assets COA could use across a broad range of marketing applications. We also provided expert consultation on the direction of their new key messaging and branded taglines. Finally, we provided dynamic branded sales enablement templates to help accelerate their ongoing success.